Reminder 1st class is FREE for SOUTHERN ORANGE COUNTY residents only!!
Create an account & use your free class to Reserve your ride.
If you are not OC resident please pay for your class, if you book with a free class you
will be cancelled out of that class & will not be able to re-book until you pay for a class.

.. You are in great hands, here are a few things to help make your experience
run as smoothly as possible ..

1- How early should I arrive?
Arrive 15 minutes early to sign a waiver, borrow your free cycling shoes (1st come 1st serve), put your personal belongings away in a locker or cubbies & get properly set up on the bike.
2- Do you have shoes to borrow?
Yes, they are free. 1st come 1st serve though! If you have your own, our pedals are Look Delta or SPD compatible.
3- What should I wear (Do I need bike shorts)?
Wear typical workout clothes such as leggings, capris or shorts. Be prepared to sweat! No pads needed, we do not sit much. Also leggings that flare at the bottom are not recommended.
4- Do you have showers?
Of course, 2 women's showers & 1 men's shower with all the amenities you need (gel, shampoo, conditioner) as well as towels & bags for your wet, stinky gym clothes.
5- Do you have water?
Yes, we do have water to purchase if you forget your water. It's extremely important to be hydrated before class, during and after class.
6- What is your cancellation policy?

Click here under terms & conditions, scroll down to cancellations.

Classes has to be canceled 12 hours prior to your class. How to do that:

1- Go online at www.LocoCycle.com, go to your account, your classes & click

You can also cancel 12 hours prior to class start time by calling the studio (as long as it is when the studio is open & you speak directly with a LOCO CYCLE Staff member. LOCO CYCLE 949-713-1116

Once your bike is cancelled, the class will be returned to your series to be used at a future date; the class is not refunded. Classes not cancelled 12 hours prior to the start time of the class will be charged to your series. If you have not cancelled your bike 12 hours prior to the class start time, the system will not permit you to do so.

If you cancel past our 12-hour window (by calling the studio, speaking with staff or leaving us a message) you will lose a class from your current series. If you do not call to cancel and do not show to class, you will again lose that class in your series. If you have an unlimited package & cancel late or no show to class a $15 fee will be deducted from your account . If you are a client holding any unlimited package and you do not have a credit card on file and you "Late cancel" or "no show" to a class, one day will be deducted from your unlimited package.

For riders running late: We understand! We just ask that you call the studio to let us know that you are on the way (Save our number under your favorites: LOCO CYCLE 949-713-1116) and the front desk will hold your reservation. If you do not call to let us know you are on your way, as a courtesy to our riders eager to get in, bikes will be released 2 minutes before class begins.


7- How do your packages work, do they expire?
We have several packages & specials from time to time.

With our regular packages you have 6 months to activate them and once activate them you have 90 days to use your rides.

We also have monthly unlimited package, with this package the contract commitment is 3 months with an auto-renewal each month. Your month begins the day you sign-up for your monthly contract, if you are finishing up a series and need us to adjust the date by a few days we can take care of that for you.

Let us know if you have any questions about which package may be best for you!

8- Why can't I see the schedule for 2 weeks?
Our schedule goes live online every Sunday at 7pm for Tuesday to Monday of the following week, so set your alarms and book your favorite bike and classes for the week!
9- What happens if I'm running late will you give my bike away?
We give up your bike if you have not arrived 2 mins prior to class BUT if you call & tell us to hold your bike, we will!! 949-713-1116
10- Can I just show up & take a class or do I have to sign-up online?
Sure you can walk in and take the chance that there may be room, but what If your favorite bike is taken?! YIKES...why live on the edge that way? Plan your workouts and plan for results.
11- Are there beginner/intro classes?
No but trust us we got ya! All our instructors start class by going over the drills and exactly what to expect prior to every class! All our classes are 45 minutes, the instructors keep the routine for a quarter so you will become familiar with the drills while still getting your butt kicked!
12- Is the room hot?
Yes, we start with it warm so you are not wasting 2 songs to warm-up your body, again the class is only 45 minutes. Studies have proven that athletes that trained in the heat achieved higher levels of cardiovascular endurance & overall health benefits. We do have fans and not all classes get as hot as others. Don't knock it till you've tried it, our clients find it exhilarating!
Feel free to call the studio at 949-713-1116 if you have any other ?'s or shoot us an email.

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